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Now on Navy QPL: MIL-PRF 32171A

For High Durability Deck Coatings
Indoor Decks & Outdoor Weather Decks

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Durabak - M26™
(QPL: MIL-PRF 32171A)

DURABAK - M26™ and DURABAK 18-M26™
are tough, one-part, waterproof, polyurethane coatings.
They are made with self-contained recycled rubber granules
that give them attractive, tough-textured finishes. Once
exposed to atmospheric moisture, both coatings undergo a
chemical curing process, which changes them from a liquid
to a tough polyurethane membrane. They have excellent
abrasion and chemical resistance.

NOTE: Outdoor applications of MIL-PRF 32171A cover all weather decks, except flight decks.

DURABAK - M26™ and DURABAK 18-M26™
will chemically bond to most clean and dry surfaces.
These include, but are not limited to, metal, concrete,
wood, fiberglass, rubber, and most painted surfaces.

DURABAK - M26™ (indoor applications)
and DURABAK 18 - M26™ (outdoor applications)
are applied by a special roller, brush, or spray
Each is available as a smooth, protective coating, as well.

DURABAK - M26™ & DURABAK 18 - M26™
... are flexible polyurethane coatings specifed
for outdoor weather deck and indoor applications.

From serviceability report on nuclear
AC Carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt:

“ ... no rust around pipes, hangars or drains,”

... “no visible rust on any deck surfaces,” ...
“coating did not appear to be lifted or
delaminated” ... coating was “subjected to heavy
use by hard-working, dirty personnel.”

From the USS George Washington:

“coating ... found to be in excellent condition
... with no deterioration of any kind” ... “no
problems or concerns with this deck coating.”
... no complaints concerning the texture of the deck.”

DURABAK - M26™ & DURABAK 18 - M26™
manufactured under strict ISO 9001 Standards

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